Put Your Best Foot Forward During Your Next Video Conference | FREE E-BOOK!

In these crazy times of social distancing, we are doing more and more of our legal business on video-conferencing platforms like Zoom, Teams or Bluejeans.  This may change the way we work for a long time to come.

Every time you jump online, you are telling the story of who you are and what you are made of!   In the same way you wouldn’t show up to court in a stained and wrinkled suit, you shouldn’t show up online with spotty sound, bad lighting, or camera angles that take us on a dark and fantastic journey to the inner realm of your nares.

I have been trying out all kinds of tech and techniques to help improve the look and sound of my online presence.  If you are interested in upping online game,  I put everything I have learned in this short e-book, and I’d love to share it with you!

Click HERE  (or the link at the end of the video above) and I will e-mail you a FREE COPY in PDF!

Lastly, I would love it if you would comment here or reach out with any questions or suggestions for your own favorite tools and tricks!

Be well, stay healthy, and keep fighting the good fight!


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