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Doug Passon

Doug Passon is a criminal defense lawyer of over twenty years, an award-winning documentary filmmaker and the nationally recognized expert in the field of video sentencing advocacy. His firm produces high-quality sentencing documentaries, day-in-the-life videos, and CLE programs for attorneys across the country.

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Laura J. Weiss

An award-winning film and digital editor, Laura got her start working on features on the Sony Pictures Culver City lot. In two decades in Hollywood and beyond, she has edited studio and independent features both comic and tragic, shorts, documentaries, visual effects, commercials, and TV series. She is proud to be able to lend her expertise on the ground-breaking work of mitigation videos and make a difference in the lives of others.


Ali Salcedo

Ali Salcedo is a camera operator, sound recordist, audio editor and musician from Venezuela. He studied film at Scottsdale Community College and has worked as a director of photography for commercials, ads, and short series for the ad agencies Wedgie Media and Ad Zombies. Ali did double duty as Director of Photography and Sound Engineer on Passon’s feature-length documentary, Road to Eden. He lives in Phoenix where he divides his time playing percussion in the local music scene and producing videos for his YouTube channel. He is also a Spanish interpreter and translator who loves to cook and dance.


Dr. Penelope Price

Penelope Price’s life’s work has focused on Human Rights. She directs and edits Documentaries, PSA’s, Educational Films and videos for Non-Profit Websites. She has been honored with four documentary films airing on PBS and two feature documentaries that have shown internationally and garnered Film Festival accolades. Dr. Price is also the founding director of The Film School @ Scottsdale Community College, where she developed the documentary course “Documentaries for Social Change.” She is dedicated to using the power of film for the betterment of humanity.

Katie Carter

Katie Carter

Katie Carter is a fact investigator, mitigation specialist, and sentencing-filmmaker. A native of Louisiana, Katie was a public defender investigator in New Orleans for 13 years. She has aided in the defense of clients facing everything from marijuana possession to the death penalty in her role as investigator and mitigator, always with an eye for empathy-building. Some of her most creative and effective work has evolved into short documentary film on her client’s lives made for the purpose of sentencing advocacy. Katie believes that when we collectively focus on the conditions that were created to allow a person to fall, we begin to reframe traditional, binary models of guilt vs. innocence and good vs. bad. Rather than rely on a law enforcement-created narrative, her films ask the court to consider crime in its context while affording accused persons the dignity of their own story as they have lived it.

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